Peach Black Gallery is excited to announce its Winter Festival. From June to August, the Chippendale Gallery will pulsate with the rhythm of music, art, and workshops, promising three months of immersive experiences, including five intimate soulful concerts led by extraordinary women, alongside an array of carefully curated artworks and more.

The festival’s centrepiece is a series of five concerts, showcasing the talents of some of Australia’s most distinguished female artists. The diverse lineup spans genres and cultures, from the sounds of Latin America with Claudia Lafuente, to the soulful jazz renditions of Tilly Street, and the unique ethno jazz blend of Haitian-French influences by songstress Athésia. Juanita Tippens of SuiteAz will captivate audiences with her musical storytelling, while the festival culminates in a glamorous flamenco production, featuring one of the country’s top Flamenco Artists and producers, Chachy Penalvar.

Winter Festival Concert 1Claudia Lafuente An intimate world

Claudia Lafuente, a Spanish singer and performer with years of professional dedication to music, has led bands of various genres and formats. Her performances are deeply rooted in her Andalusian heritage, where echoes of folklore and flamenco resonate in the nuances of her voice and her stage presence.  Traversing through jazz, bossa nova, boleros, and Spanish folklore, Claudia performs with grace and delicacy, recently bringing her talents to Sydney.
Joined by musicians Carlos Arango on Guitar, Sebastián Cañas on Clarinet and Fernando Coloma on percussion.

Winter Festival Concert 2Tilly Street HerStory - Songs By Women

From Dorothy Fields to Bernice Petkere, Billie Holiday to Carmen McRae – there are many songs that people don’t realise had a woman behind the piano/pen. Joined by Arthur Washington on guitar and Max Aldouca on bass, Tilly Street will perform a suite of jazz standards all composed by women. Together the trio will honour their stories with an evening of beautiful music!

Tilly Street is a vocalist based in Sydney. Known for her warm, velvety tone and nuanced phrasing, Tilly revitalises standards (both popular and obscure) making her a beloved figure among enthusiasts. She has collaborated with George Washingmachine, Billy Burton, Matt McMahon, Craig Scott, Kate Wadey, the Pocket Trio and many other amazing artists. While swinging with top-tier musicians, she curates an unforgettable experience that goes straight to the heart.

Winter Festival Concert 3AthésiaUnique ethno jazz blend of Haitian-French

Athésia (pronounced Ah Tease Ya) is a Sydney based, Haitian French Canadian/Australian Jazz Singer-Songwriter and Radio Host/Producer. Athésia performs her own unique compositions whilst incorporating classic Jazz, Bossa Nova, French and Haitian songs. On Saturday 20th of July, Athésia will be joined by Ramsay McInnnes on the guitar and Fena Coloma on percussion. Be prepared to enjoy a unique and intimate atmosphere where you will be touring the world without leaving Sydney. Come and discover the musical aromas of France and Haiti whilst enjoying a short escapade in Brazil and New York Jazz clubs. 

Born in Montreal to Haitian parents, Athésia is of French, African, Spanish and Taino descent (indigenous to the Caribbean) descent. She’s a passionate entertainer who has a mesmerising presence on stage and believes in the responsibility of entertainment with consciousness, meaning and purpose, a mantra that keeps her heart in tune with her mission.

Winter Festival Concert 4Juanita TippensSmooth soul and stories

Juanita Tippins  has spent years touring and recording with some of the most accomplished Australian and international artists, lending her signature vocals to everyone from Joe Bonamassa and The Brand New Heavies, to Marcia Hines and Ian Moss. She’s long been a favourite of the Sydney R&B, Soul and Reggae scene thanks to her dynamic performances with Suite Az and Professor Groove and the Booty Affair, and her warmth and dynamism are an undeniable crowd pleaser.  

Juanita is now entering a new phase of her artistic journey, having recently released a double EP of original tunes leaning into both her soul and reggae influences. The soul half of NITA, recorded at The Nest Studios and produced by Juanita and Declan Kelly.

Get ready to fall in love with a whole new side of Juanita Tippins.

Winter Festival Concert 5Chachy Peñalver Dance CompanyBetraying the Muse

Betraying the Muse by the Chachy Peñalver Dance Company is a show that reflects on the sources of inspiration for art forms like flamenco, which are deeply rooted in cultural tradition, in an ever-growing and expanding world of arts. The Chachy Peñalver Dance Company, started with the aim of exploring the flamenco language from a different perspective, draws upon a wide range of artistic elements and mediums to broaden the scope of artistic sources for its dance compositions. With a solid foundation in flamenco traditions, the company brings a contemporary edge that allows interdisciplinary pieces to emerge on stage, telling compelling stories of the divine and earthly aspects of human nature.


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