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CollectionThe HomoSapiens by Matteo Bernasconi

Inspired by a world that that is increasingly embracing a technical-scientific vision at the expense of some issues that have been the cornerstones of our existence for millennia, this exhibition illustrates what is leading this way of acting and analysing the human condition of modern man.

Focusing on the deep socio-economic changes that we find our self-living in, the paintings that evoke art as a mechanism to activate a deeper discussion on the human conflict with itself.
Technique guarantees us development but does not guarantee progress. Modern man is an expert in development but has stopped making progress.

This is something spoken about regularly in the media, and even in schools, the scientific subjects have more of a focus with subjects like philosophy, literature and arts are constantly decreased.  

This collection of works represent the dehumanization of our days.

CollectionMetamorphosis by Matteo Bernasconi

Matteo’s exhibition Metamorphosis is inspired by the book of Franz Kafka. The work investigates the transformation and the changes that occur in each of us throughout our life span. Metamorphosis can occur at different levels – physically and mentally, and is a transformation that provides an escape from a trap that oneself can be caught in. Matteo Bernasconi describes the hidden depths of humans. There is an emphasis on duality in peoples personas which is a reoccurring characteristic in each artwork. He shows not only the mere physical appearance, the facade, but he focuses on unveiling something else, unseen beneath the surface. He exposes what the subject is, not who the subject is.


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