Matteo Bernasconi

Matteo Bernasconi is a visual artist based in Sydney.  His work has been primarily exhibited in Italy, Spain and Australia and is currently held in private collections internationally.

Matteo has been a finalist of multiple major art awards including the prestigious Mosman Art Prize 2019, the Naked and Nude Art Prize 2019 and The Shirley Hannan National Portrait Award 2018.

Despite a hugely varied body of work,  his most recently topic has been an exploration of the different sides of the human condition. His work touches on the dark places we normally don’t allow ourselves to explore but exist behind everyday life, and how, as animals, we react depending of the influences of our environment.  He is influenced by the people around him, and enjoys capturing their energy not only the appearance. He portrays the two sides of humans beings, the duality is a recurring characteristic in his paintings. He shows not only the mere physical appearance, the facade, but he focuses on unveiling something else, unseen.  His idea is to  expose what the subject is, not only who the subject is.

Matteo believes all artwork needs to engage the viewer beyond the visual. The viewer needs to psychologically feel it and experience it. Whether through multi-figured compositional or with solitary strait portraits he often leave the painting open, with a sense of uncertainty. When he paints he relies on the unpredictable qualities of the medium, and believes that painting is a delicate balance between chances and intervention.

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