Oscar Garcia

Oscar Garcia is a self taught artist based in the inner west of Sydney. Born in Lima, Peru, he arrived in Australia at the age of ten.
His paintings are eclectic in subject matter and rendered within the context of narrative realism, referencing both the tangible and the imagined environment, often with allegorical elements. With an interest in how we interpret imagery through the complexity of perception, thus revealing states of mind.
Within his work lies a muted visual enquiry into our behavioural network, individually and as a social entity. Behaviour which can be observed in the landscape.
His most recent works form a series of studies, sketches and paintings exploring aspects in the Human – Nature air, under the title “Dichotomy” an exploration into man-made nature. New artworks are currently in progress.
“I create images to explore and attempt to understand the essence that gives shape to our independent and collective consciousness. In my work I aim to capture the elusive energy we transcend, that paints a portrait of the
human landscape.”



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