Matteo Bernasconi

Morphing from figurative to abstraction, Matteo’s work is dynamic and engages the audience on philosophical levels.

Matteo Bernasconi’s work has been primarily exhibited in Australia, and its currently held in private collections internationally. He is a visual artist and gallery director based in Sydney. Matteo has been a finalist of multiple major art awards including  the prestigious Mosman Art Prize, The Shirley Hannan National Portrait Award, The Naked and Nude Art prize.

Matteo’s work focuses on unveiling something unseen beneath the surface, describing the hidden depths of humans, rather than just the mere physical appearance/ façade. He likes to expose what the subject is, not only who the subject is.

He loves to explore dark places within humans, places that we normally don’t allow ourselves to explore but exist behind everyday life, and how we react depending of the influences of our environment. 

You can find Matteo’s paintings on sale at Peach Black Gallery. You will find a collection of more than 40 paintings. Oil paintings on canvas, watercolours, sketches and pigment art prints.



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